My little blog. I will post updates on my projects on this blog. Oh and expect the occasional rant here...

OpenFlow: FlowVisor

By nathan samson.

One of the goals we try to achieve by using OpenFlow in our Testbed network is isolating one Test run from another Test run, from the actual production network people access and use in their day-to-day browsing.

A OpenFlow subproject created the...

Introduction to Master Thesis

By nathan samson.

"OpenFlow on embedded devices" is the title of my Master Thesis. A (rather incomplete) description is posted on the 'official' thesis projects site ESP.

What is OpenFlow?

A first question I always have to answer when talking about my Master Thesis...

Finally a new site

By nathan samson.

Hi all, long time no see

Finally my new site is online, built on the fabuleus Ruby on Rails framework (using the refinery CMS)

Every time I update my site, my first blog post is about the site, and that I will update it in the coming days and...

About Me

Nathan Dotted

Who Am I?

My name is Nathan Samson, and I am a Computer Science Student at the University of Antwerp (Belgium)

I am passionated about Software, and in particular OpenSource software.

I worked on a always-growing list of projects, which I will blog about.